February 22, 2019
1 Month and 3 days since
our celebration.

We're going back to Hawaii baby!

In February 2014 we celebrated our wedding with friends and family from all over the world.

We chose Hawaii because it was half way between Australia (where I'm from) & New York (where Chris is from).

We didn't expect many people to be able to make it being a destination wedding... boy, were we pleasantly surprised!

85 of you attended! ...we got to spend several days together and by the end of the trip, no one could tell who was from which side or if they were a friend or relative, because everyone had become one big family!

February 2019 will be our 5 Year Anniversary... everyone has been itching to return to beautiful Maui and we'd love to celebrate our anniversary with all of you in the place where it all began...

The Roayal Lahaina Resort, Maui

All are welcome! Kids, extended family and friends! This is a chance for all to come together, recreate the amazing experience for those who couldn't attend back then and maybe even add some new adventures!
....plus it's an excuse to go back to Hawaii Baby!!!

Everything you need to know about the trip and events will be on this website, so visit often to stay updated.

* If you're in... click the "RSVP to Events" tab on the left.

* To book accommodation and airfare got to the "Travel Info" tab.

* To join in on the tours, excursions & events we have planned go to the "Buy Tickets" tab.

* The main event will be the Royal Lahaina Luau, we'll celebrate our anniversary dinner there and hope you'll join us! For details click the "Events" tab.

We hope you can all make it!
See you on the Beach Baby!